Speech Privacy or "Sound Masking" Systems is a necessity Audio System in any building in this day and time. What managers and/or owners have to say to clients and employees should have the capability of staying between then and not anyone else. HIPAA laws now require confidentiality between a Doctor and Patient. What happens in a counseling session should remain confidential to protect those involved. When it comes to you money and business transactions, I doubt you want to whole world know about it. I now go in searching for companies who care enough about me to use these types of systems and I want to do business with them. 

I can remember as a little boy, when I was in trouble, holding up a drinking glass to the wall in my parents bedroom to see if I was going to get a spanking. In today's design of open spaces in the office place, and thin wall between offices, you don't even need a drinking glass to find out what is going on. In general, people are nosy and want to know what is going on even if it doesn't involve them. This can put you at legal risk. 

AVL Systems Design is just like your building and place of employment.  We felt it was a necessary step to install one of these systems into our own facility. over the years we have installed many of these system in clients building, and realized the importance of putting one if our own. 

AVL has partnered over the years with Cambridge Sound for design, sale and install these systems. We have found them to be on the cutting edge in this industry of Sound Masking and delivery great results. 

We have just finished our install at our office. The first morning we walked in, it was very noticeable and sounded like the air conditioner was running on a very cold morning. By that afternoon, everyone had gotten use to it, and it hasn't been noticeable since. Unless you know what you are looking for, you don't even notice the small speakers in the ceiling. 

We invite you to come by and see this system at work and why we feel it is so criticcal for any space were conversations need to be kept confidential. Call us today to set up your appointment.