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Speech Privacy or "Sound Masking" Systems is a necessity Audio System in any building in this day and time. What managers and/or owners have to say to clients and employees should have the capability of staying between then and not anyone else. HIPAA laws now require confidentiality between a Doctor and Patient. What happens in a counseling session should remain confidential to protect those involved. When it comes to you money and business transactions, I doubt you want to whole world know about it. I now go in searching for companies who care enough about me to use these types of systems and I want to do business with them. 

I can remember as a little boy, when I was in trouble, holding up a drinking glass to the wall in my parents bedroom to see if I was going to get a spanking. In today's design of ...

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AVL Systems Design, L.L.C., is a national design build firm founded on the concept of the “team” approach. No one person or company can make a project successful, it takes a collective effort. Our expertise qualifies us to work successfully with architects, engineers and most importantly, our clients.