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AVL Systems Design teamed with FSB and the Edmond School System on the Design of the Technology that went into the school. This is a great read from the Edmond Schools prospective. 

Heartland Middle School Article Link

AVL Systems Design is being featured by Renkus Heinz in a News Article and Video. We sent several team members up to Joplin to beet with a video crew to produce the video. We would like to thank Joplin High School for allowing up to film it on site, and for participating in it. 

This is a link to the Video:  https://youtu.be/9hWOxER7u6E 

This is a link to the Article:  http://www.renkus-heinz.com/joplin-high-school-s-performing-arts-center-is-reborn-with-renkus-heinz

Speech Privacy or "Sound Masking" Systems is a necessity Audio System in any building in this day and time. What managers and/or owners have to say to clients and employees should have the capability of staying between then and not anyone else. HIPAA laws now require confidentiality between a Doctor and Patient. What happens in a counseling session should remain confidential to protect those involved. When it comes to you money and business transactions, I doubt you want to whole world know about it. I now go in searching for companies who care enough about me to use these types of systems and I want to do business with them. 

I can remember as a little boy, when I was in trouble, holding up a drinking glass to the wall in my parents bedroom to see if I was going to get a spanking. In today's design of ...

AVL Systems Design was named number 15 in the Metro 50 Awards Banquet last night. Congratulations go out to Marc and Stacy Pierce - owners- and the dedicated employees of AVL who have worked hard to get this award. This is the 2nd year AVL has been named to the Metro 50. Last year the company came in 46th. 

Special Thanks go out to YOU, our CUSTOMERS. We know and understand, that without you believing in us, and trusting us with all your Audio, Lighting, and Video needs, we wouldn't be where we are today! 

We invite you the check out our new webpage. Lots of work as gone into the new design and implementation of the new site. We will continually be adding new projects to the Portfolio Page. Don't be afraid to use your mouse to click on pictures and on the descriptions of what we do. Thanks to Wheelhouse for all the hard work! 


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AVL Systems Design, L.L.C., is a national design build firm founded on the concept of the “team” approach. No one person or company can make a project successful, it takes a collective effort. Our expertise qualifies us to work successfully with architects, engineers and most importantly, our clients.