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An AVL Installation Technician is a second-tier project installation position. Candidates awarded this position have either served as an AVL Installer for a minimum of 1 year and met the requirements for promotion, or posses the accolades and skill-sets required for admittance to this position. The mission of an AVL Installation Technician is to execute their responsibilities at the highest-professional-level possible whilst continuing to expand upon their knowledge of the nomenclature, practices, and procedures of the industry so that they may perform and continue to advance within the company.


As an AVL Installation Technician, you are responsible for:


1.    Serving as an on-site representative of AVL

2.    Serving as an on-site supervisor of and mentor to AVL Installers

3.    Wiring

4.    Constructing Racks

5.    Hanging Solutions

6.    Uninstalling or Demolishing Audio, Video, and Lighting Technologies and Features

7 ...

AVL Systems Design did a lunch and learn this week for MA+ Architects. Dr. Jeremy Clifton from our staff, did a presentation on acoustics and how sound works in different environments. Sound masking along with Assisted Listening Systems, which are now required in public event centers, (IE. Performing Arts Centers, & Churches), were also discussed. Thanks MA+ for having us in!  

AVL Systems Design was named number 15 in the Metro 50 Awards Banquet last night. Congratulations go out to Marc and Stacy Pierce - owners- and the dedicated employees of AVL who have worked hard to get this award. This is the 2nd year AVL has been named to the Metro 50. Last year the company came in 46th. 

Special Thanks go out to YOU, our CUSTOMERS. We know and understand, that without you believing in us, and trusting us with all your Audio, Lighting, and Video needs, we wouldn't be where we are today! 

Congratulations to Kenny Kendrick on being promoted to Vice President of Accounts for AVL Systems Design. Kenny has been with AVL since 2008 and has a wealth of  experience in the AV Industry. Kenny has been involved in the of designing systems for many years now. He holds many certifications in the industry and AVL Systems Design is glad he is on "Our Team".

We invite you the check out our new webpage. Lots of work as gone into the new design and implementation of the new site. We will continually be adding new projects to the Portfolio Page. Don't be afraid to use your mouse to click on pictures and on the descriptions of what we do. Thanks to Wheelhouse for all the hard work! 


AVL Systems Designed recently installed a new sound reinforcement system for Dakil Auctioneers. Additions included speakers, signal processing, auto mixing, wireless microphones, as well as many others

Work continues at Boone Pickens Stadium on the Campus of Oklahoma State University. AVL Systems Design has been working all summer on upgrades to the Stadium. A new QSC DSP along with new microphones for the public address announcers are just a small part of those upgrades. 

President Marc Pierce, VP of Operations Dr. Jeremy Clifton, and Director of Engineering Ryan Zemke are getting Boone Pickens Stadium ready for the OSU faithful! 

AVL Systems Design just finished the Design and Installation of the Audio, Video, and Lighting Systems at Southern Hills Baptist Church, new remodeled Chapel. We will soon do a major overhaul of the A/V Systems in the main auditorium. 

Custom Solutions

AVL Systems Design, L.L.C., is a national design build firm founded on the concept of the “team” approach. No one person or company can make a project successful, it takes a collective effort. Our expertise qualifies us to work successfully with architects, engineers and most importantly, our clients.