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If you have ever traveled up the Turner Turnpike in NE Oklahoma, you undoubtedly went under the Vinita  Travel Stop that housed the worlds largest McDonald's Restaurant.  This land mark has been in place for many years, and recently has undergone a major renovation. AVL Systems Design is the company who was chosen to redo the Audio and Video Systems in the facility. This renovation is now complete and is well worth a stop when you are traveling up in that area to see what all has take place. 

Merry Christmas from AVL Systems Design. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas! 

AVL will be closed both December 25th and 26th. We will be back in the office on the December 29.

AVL Systems Design just finished installing Acoustical Panels into First Baptist Church - Hinton. The church decide to add the acoustical panels after the installation of their new audio system. 

AVL Systems Design would like to wish all of our Employees, Customers, and Vendors a Very Happy Thanksgiving! We give thanks continually because we know that without you, we wouldn't be who we are today. 

Our Office will be closed both Thursday (27th)  and Friday (28th) for our Employees to spend time with their Familes. 

Micing a Grand Piano can be a difficult task to say the least. Mic placement is crucial, and  trying to use mic stands on the outside of the piano is not always a pretty site. Earthworks has come up with a great system. It is easy to install, and works great with the high end and the low end on the piano without the hot spots that most mics create. Call AVL Systems Design and let us help make your Grand Piano sound GRAND! 

As your church is preparing for your Christmas Program next month, now is the time to be ordering the extra wireless mics you need, or a couple of new choir mics, or a powered monitor you need over in the corner of the stage were nothing usually happens. You still have time to get the equipment in. AVL Systems Design is the place to call and let us help you with what you need. CALL TODAY! (405-749-1866) 

AVL Systems Design has become very proficient in building racks. Matt Wire and installation techs have built many racks over the last couple of years. Keeping cables organized, labeled correctly and running to the right piece of equipment is a art of it's own, and our team does it right.  

AVL Systems Design is on the finishing stages of the new Preforming Arts Center and Pittsburg State University in Kansas. AVL has been working at the college now for several months installing all of the new audio and video equipment. 

AVL Systems Design is finishing up installing the Audio, Video, and Control Systems at Central Church of Christ in Moore, OK this week. The church  will be having their first service in the new facility this Sunday, Oct. 12th. 


Project Field Manager

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An AVL Project Field Manager is a third-tier project installation position and first-tier management position. Candidates awarded this position have either served as an AVL Installer and Installation Technician having earned the necessary certifications thereby meeting the requirements for promotion, or posses the accolades and skill-sets required for admittance to this position. The mission of an AVL Project Field Manager is to execute their responsibilities at the highest-professional-level possible whilst continuing to develop and improve upon the various management practices and procedures of the industry so that they may perform and continue to advance within the company.


As an AVL Project Field Manager, you are responsible for:


1.    Serving as the main project representative of AVL

2.    Serving as supervisor of and mentor to AVL Installation Team, which includes Installers and Installation Technicians

3.    Understanding all aspects ...

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AVL Systems Design, L.L.C., is a national design build firm founded on the concept of the “team” approach. No one person or company can make a project successful, it takes a collective effort. Our expertise qualifies us to work successfully with architects, engineers and most importantly, our clients.