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Ascent Resources is a Customer of AVL Systems Design, here in Oklahoma City that has a field office in Columbus, Ohio. They contacted us about wanting a Video Wall installed at that location. AVL sent up a team to install a Samsung Video Wall and sound system for it.  The Ascent is using the wall in their control room to monitor the oil fields on location there.  

AVL Systems Design has recently finished the AEP Workout Facility for their employees. AVL designed and installed the A/V components. It was high tech with sound through out the facility, live streaming to flat screens and exercise machines that allow you to change the channel and give you control of the volume to your headphones. Contemporary Research Qmods along with Cable TV boxes are integrated into the system. QSC Speakers are located through out the facility all powered by Crown Amps. A Crestron Control System allows easy control for all aspects of the system. 

Speech Privacy or "Sound Masking" Systems is a necessity Audio System in any building in this day and time. What managers and/or owners have to say to clients and employees should have the capability of staying between then and not anyone else. HIPAA laws now require confidentiality between a Doctor and Patient. What happens in a counseling session should remain confidential to protect those involved. When it comes to you money and business transactions, I doubt you want to whole world know about it. I now go in searching for companies who care enough about me to use these types of systems and I want to do business with them. 

I can remember as a little boy, when I was in trouble, holding up a drinking glass to the wall in my parents bedroom to see if I was going to get a spanking. In today's design of ...

AVL Systems Design teamed up with Studio Architects, Dane Electric, and Lippert Brothers Construction to design and build the new Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives new building here in Oklahoma City. AVL did all of the Audio, Video and Control Systems in the building. 

AVL Systems Designed recently installed a new sound reinforcement system for Dakil Auctioneers. Additions included speakers, signal processing, auto mixing, wireless microphones, as well as many others

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AVL Systems Design, L.L.C., is a national design build firm founded on the concept of the “team” approach. No one person or company can make a project successful, it takes a collective effort. Our expertise qualifies us to work successfully with architects, engineers and most importantly, our clients.